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Simply put, a Blind Stamp is an embossed stamp that notates the year of manufacture and the craftsman or craftsmen who made the bag. The two stamps are typically found in close proximity, although that is not always the case. The Date Stamp records the year of manufacture and is indicated by alphabetical character combined with a surrounding shape, or an alphabetical character alone more on the specifics later! The Craftsman Stamp records the individual craftsman or group of craftsmen that manufactured the piece and is indicated by an individual or multiple stamps in a variety of shapes, symbols, letters, and numbers. As you may have inferred while looking for this stamp, the Blind Stamp gets its colloquial name from the fact that it is hidden, and can be difficult to discern. This could be from wear but also sometimes the softness of the leather simply gives over time and the stamp is lifted. This varies dramatically between handbag models, however, so some quick research on the relevant handbag model will illuminate where the stamp should be if not found initially. The first era is from the founding of their leather goods department in until the year Leather goods of this era will not have any stamps at all, as the system was not enacted until the second era beginning in The second era saw the introduction of the Blind Stamp and it took the format of a single letter.

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For Sale on 1stdibs – Very rare jet black smooth leather top handle bag with gold hardware by Hermes dating to the ‘s. Bag measures approximately 26cm.

I have compiled a list of symbols below, some that we all know and some you may not know plus their meanings. This guide is extremely resourceful for those who always wondered what these symbols mean. Date codes are symbols that we all know. However some years are tricky and have slight inconsistencies to throw off counterfeiters. Each of these codes are in a specific area on each bag and can change depending on the year. On a Birkin or Kelly, it can often be found on the exterior arm or interior panel of the bag.

Hermes Fastening his Sandal

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Yulia Omelich Feb 20, Founded in as a harness shop, Hermes was born to fit the needs of the equestrian world. It was from these roots in making saddles, bridles and other leather horse riding gear that Hermes honed its incredible craftsmanship. Due to the fact that they are so coveted and expensive, Hermes handbags have become a prime target for counterfeiters selling fakes for too-good-to-be-true prices.

Hermes does not authenticate bags on request if you were to walk into a boutique. However, armed with solid authentication know-how, you will be able to tell the real deal from even the most detailed fakes out there. So how do you authenticate an Hermes Birkin or Kelly? There are many ways professionals authenticate Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags, but every one checks the following areas.

Here is the breakdown:.

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Bronze statuette of Hermes seated on a rock Period Imperial Date 1st–2nd century A.D.

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The sculptures of Hermes Fastening his Sandal , which exist in several versions, are all Roman marble copies of a lost Greek bronze original in the manner of Lysippos , dating to the fourth century BCE. The identity of the subject, which may simply represent an idealized athlete, is conventional. No attribute in any of the surviving examples clearly identifies Hermes , who wears neither hat nor helmet; none of the surviving original sandals are represented as winged.

A pair of sandals figures in the myth of Theseus , and when the painter-dealer Gavin Hamilton uncovered an example in the swamp ground called the Pantanello at Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli in , he hesitated between calling it a Theseus or a Cincinnatus. Jason ‘s myth also involves a lost sandal.

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Ever wondered when your Hermès handbag was made?

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Download this stock image: Marble statue base with a relief of Hermes dating from the 3rd century AD. Ephesus. Turkey. – E20Y8H from Alamy’s library of.

The surge in popularity of Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags has inevitably led to the market becoming flooded with fakes. This is worrying news for any woman who wishes to purchase her dream bag. Another problem arising with fake Hermes bags is that they are becoming more sophisticated. As more and more fake bags flood the market, the ability to spot the difference between them as authentic Hermes bags becomes more difficult.

However, there are always tells in fake bags that can be spotted if you know what you are looking for. With that in mind, we have created this special insights guide to help women spot even the most subtle flaws in fake Hermes bags. Using this guide will help you avoid the extreme disappointment that comes with realizing you have bought a fake.

Every Hermes bag is handmade and hand stitched, meaning that the sew lines should be flawless on an authentic bag. To inspect the stitches on a Hermes bag, follow the lines carefully with your finger using a glove if you wish and feel for any stitches that are out of place or crooked within the seam line. If you find any signs of sloppy stitching, this should immediately raise an alert in your head. The shape of the bag and the handles are an excellent indicator of whether the bag is authentic or fake.

When standing, the bag should be neat and pronounced without any slouching or bulging in places. The same applies to the handles which should stand straight up and down.

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Hermès Date Stamps By Year. Once you have located the date stamp, you can begin dating your Hermès bag. Hermès Date Stamps are grouped into five distinct.

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