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As the nation becomes more accepting of people marrying someone of another race or ethnicity, a recent study found that the Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas rank among the least likely for newlyweds to be of different backgrounds. A relative lack of diversity in the two Louisiana metro areas may have much to do with the statistics, but some people point to other factors, chief among them attitudes about race. Almost 50 years after the U. Supreme Court declared laws preventing interracial marriages or intimate relationships unconstitutional, the percentage of such newlywed couples in the U.

However, the study also ranked metro areas by the percentage of couples recently intermarried, and of more than metropolitan areas included in the study, Baton Rouge and Lafayette ranked in the bottom 10, with 8 percent and 9 percent of newlywed couples married to someone of a different race or ethnicity, respectively, according to the report released last month. Across the nation, Asian and Hispanic people were the most likely race or ethnicity to intermarry, while white people were the least likely.

Almost 30 percent of Asian and Hispanic newlyweds were intermarried, the study found, while 18 percent of black newlyweds were and 11 percent of white newlyweds. Black men were far more likely to marry someone of another race or ethnicity, as were Asian women, both when compared to their same race but opposite gender. Honolulu and other metro areas with high percentages of intermarriage have large populations of Asian or Hispanic residents, while Baton Rouge and Lafayette do not.

However, Livingston said that while this diversity plays a role, she believes “there’s something else at play”; possibly acceptance or attitudes.

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The percentage of those couples in an interracial bond have increased fivefold in the last 50 years, up 17 percent. And New Orleans is not that.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Honestly, Baton Rouge is a pretty big city, for Louisiana standards It is a “melting pot” with a broad culturally diverse population with two large universities, LSU and Southern predominately black. You may get an occassional stare, but I doubt anyone will ever harrass you. This is not the “old south. Honestly, I live about 55 Miles west in lafayette

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Skip to content. There are no dues and all active members have the rights of voice, vote, and office holding as Executive Officers. I missed my culture and my family and I felt out of place at NMU. As President and a founder what truly is special to me about the Latino Student Union is the sense of community I find in this group.

Each member has something special to bring to the table and we are growing as a group and as a family. We take pride in who we are where we come from and we have no trouble sharing our heritage and culture with others. LSU is my home away from home. The group is inviting and embraces anyone regardless of their background. I love our group and all the differences everyone brings to it.

I like hearing about different ways of life, it’s interesting to see how similar cultures are and how they differ. Each person who joins is special to me because I feel like our group is a small family away from home. It’s more than just a group of Latino Students; it’s a small chunk of the outside world. I love LSU!

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Lsu Interracial Dating

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Dating outside your race does not automatically make you less racist. In fact one’s true colors can shine if people spin the color wheel while.

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